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Pokebattle, the new simulator

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So most of you probably wouldn't know, but there's a new simulator online called pokebattle.


It's a competitive battling simulator that takes battling and teambuilding to a new level using a PBV(Point based value) system. This means the better a pokemon is at battling, the more points it costs to use. To build a team you have a certain amount of points to be used(1000) to be exact. You have to build a team of pokemon that costs a 1000 points and then use it in battle.

It's fairly big with a community of around 300 members and pretty much everyone on PS knows about it. This is a bit different from standard tier team-building because there is no such thing in this case.

Now what I'm really asking is that is it ok to post teams that revolve around pokebattle style on the RMT? This question is directed at pokemaster mainly.

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Yeah, it is ok. I already have one on the RMT.

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oh in that case that'll be fine
I think people RMT'ing to play on Pokebattle should state this specifically, because in this metagame people will say "why da **** you using garbage like Lanturn in OU" when in the end it's just a filler to use the last bit of points.
Lanturn isn't garbage -.-
Lanturn isn't really "Garbage". however, in OU its largely outclassed by rotom-W and various other water types in other tiers such as gastrodon and suicuine. its good in NU though
That's the point. There won't be an OU here, and if Laturn is cheaper than Rotom, people are gonna use it :P.
mm, what I tried to say .3.