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We have it for all gens up to X/Y. It shouldn't be to hard to add gen 6 in!

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I can help.  I have all the kalos region pokemon so I should know where they are.

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Actually, this information is already on the site. For instance, look at Azurill's locations. See how there's one for X and Y?

You may be confused, since some Pokemon that are available in previous games cannot be found in X and Y, and thus have no location for those games.

Hope I helped.

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Can you tell me if you meant something else?  I'm not exactly sure this is what you meant when you asked.
I am not sure either
Some Pokemon have X/Y locations and some dont, that's what he meant.
We'll have to wait until Parzival reads the answer to know for sure.
Terlor is right here.
Can you give an example of a Pokemon like this?
I really would like to help you, but I don't know what Pokemon you have found that don't have their location listed.