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in tailwind there is 4 turn in gen5 according to bulbapedia!
snorlax can lurn fissure by breeding if we type fissure in search but it's not in snorlax's page!
like cradily can learn giga drain.you can see it here
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but it is not written in it's page and some other problems!
please fix these!

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tailwind there is 4 turn in gen5

LOL that's stupid of me... it says right below in the game descriptions, 3 turns in gen 4 and 4 turns in gen 5. D'oh!

snorlax can learn fissure by breeding

It's listed on the egg move page and on the Fissure page but not on Snorlax's pokedex for some weird reason. And Zen Headbutt is shown there but not on the egg move page... I'll check into that.

cradily can learn giga drain

This is listed on both the Giga Drain page and Cradily's pokedex (check the tabs above the TM section, Cradily only learns GD in generation 4).

and some other problems!

Like what? If you find anything else you can list everything in one question that's fine.

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