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I have looked at the meta recently and i am seeing every thing Pokemaster do this Pokemaster do that for the love of god give him a break did anyone ever say thank you to him you may be confused that why am i saying this now and i may not know how he feels but i do ! i used to be the head of the website at my school the only thing is Can you do this can you do that at the end i just went insane why should i do anything for them if they didn't do anything so i stop doing the web site and because i did that they now please AND THANK YOU is the only words i hear and now from 200 students and teachers asking me to do things it has decreased to 20 teachers only the students just were like ghosts so if you don't give pokemaster a break he may 1) shut down the site 2) stop doing your "requests"
so i am saying this to pokemaster thank you for your efforts and HOPEFULLY the other users feel your efforts and i have noticed only a few are saying thank you like me, DT and more users but i don't remember but i don't know when he answers people i am the kind of person that can tell when a person is tired or something but Pokemater HE IS EXHAUSTED !!!!!!! he seams i don't know kind of Gloomish, depressed and we all know WHY ! so thank you pokemaster again for your generous efforts.

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I usually write these questions
That doesn't mean other people can't.
Hey ..... who put a vote down sorry to say but i think that is very not nice someone writes a hole paragraph on giving pokemaster a break and 1 vote down that is disrespect

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It's cool man, there hasn't been a huge amount recently. But I've been busy with work and stuff so haven't had much time to spend on the site recently.

Plus the mods and other top users do a great job of answering some of the meta posts explaining rules and so on, so thanks to them too!

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No Pokemaster, you seem very depressed. Don't deny it. Why don't you give full control of the site over to me, and I'll take care of everything. Mwahhahahaha!
Umm i don't think pokemaster .... WAS BORN YESTERDAY !
Sigh, trachy. I think I should post your entire evil plan to overthrow pokemaster that you put on the chat a few days ago... Wait, you wanted to keep it a secret? Coming mom!