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when i put a lot of work into making a question clear it doesnt get through.
what I mean is when I close my tab and open another tab go to my account it says no questions by alpha ruby which is weird and annoying so I make the the same question and it happens again pls help


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That's because your posts need to be checked by editors and mods first. When a new user makes a post, it doesn't go through. It gets sent to the admin, a section that only staff members can access. They look over it to clarify that it isn't spam and that it fits with the rules, and if it needs those guidelines, they show it and it gets revealed to the public (thus showing up on your user page). We're usually pretty good with this, but there are slight gaps in timezones, and it's a busy time of year so you may end up waiting a while.

Obviously we may also choose to reject the post if it doesn't meet those guidelines. Looking through the hidden posts now, I only find one post that was made by you, regarding your Scyther. It was hidden because there is a rate my Pokemon thread here, which should be used instead of posting separate threads, as they clog the site.

You can bypass the admin system once you get 26 points, which is very very easy. Just make high-quality posts and you'll receive votes, which will bump you over 26. According to the admin and your user page, you've only posted one question, so I'm not sure what happened to your other ones.