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For example if i looked up durant in the search bar it could come up this:

Durant (Pokedex)
Durant (Movesets)

Giving a link to the ''what's a good moveset for durant?'' Page. And please don't comment saying that it's easy to just go to the bottom of the moveset page and click the link. I know that, it's just as a common user of this site getting all of those pages takes awhile with bad internet. And it would make the site a hole lot more accessible. What do you guys think?

Here's what I think: work on  where to use which spelling.
The smaller search bar next your name can actually do this, but I assume you mean the entire site search, yes?
I think he means being able to access both the database and pokebase with the same search bar, so being able to search movesets and stuff from the home page, which we can't do at present.

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