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Hello, I'm starting to use the API of pokemondb ( API ) and I'd like to use the EV yields for my website. Unfortunately, a lot of these aren't complete, like Machoke or Butterfree. So, my question is : Are you aware of that fact, and will it be completed some day? Or can I do anything to make the job easier for those in charge of the database?

Thank you very much.

I wasn't aware and pokeapi were affiliated.
I'm pretty sure that if they're not then PM banned the use of his APi. Using the info and giving credit for it is another thing, but only PM can say for sure.

Also, API sounds like something that was missold by banks and you can claim up to £9000 because or it. So what are you waiting for? Check to see if you have a  claim now! (hue)
PM doesn't have his own API for the DB, hence why he has referred those who ask for one to PokeAPI

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We don't have an API and are not affiliated in any way with PokeApi (although I have talked with the owner of that project).

PokeApi has a public Github repo so you should open an issue there, or contribute to it yourself.