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asked 2 days ago by Blabla (2.222pts)
Q: 1 comment A: 1 comment

(Q for Question and A for Answer) I suggest this because many comment hasn't been answered yet... but, this just sugestion!

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You don't understand my question, don't know the answer, or don't want to answer?
No I don't understand really, what's the point of saying how many comments there are?
Ouw... like in facebook, you can show the amount of comment below the question! like...this question has 2 comment, you write below this question that there are 2 comment in this question.,

you still don't understand? oh, it's hard to explain in a word!

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OK I think I see what you mean. I don't think that it's necessary since comments aren't as important as answers. Adding too many numbers might make it look a bit cluttered.

If you have questions from comments not answered you could click "ask related question" to ask a separate question. Or maybe mention it in the chat.

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Ok, glad you have answer! thanks...