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Although I don't hate role playing itself, in some cases it does become a little disturbing. By this I mean that sometimes there is stabbing, shooting, kissing, etc. It doesn't really bother me when they do it just once in the whole play, but sometimes it just goes over and over and over, and every time the acts are harder. Even when other users tell them to limit themselves, they will keep on going.

My intentions are not to stop role playing but to just limit it, as I've heard I am not the only one that thinks this way.

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I recommend just leave the role players to their role player needs, quite honestly.
I hate role playing, but just leave them be. It's easy to ignore the role players.
Plus, the forum will come up soon, I expect. So it won't be too much trouble now.
I don't get all this hype about the RPing. It's simple.

Roeplayers, myself included, will just have to tone it down if people ask us to.
People who don't like roleplay will just have to respect that we do, and they can ask us to stop if it bothers them.
Send the Rpers to the server. We have a room for them: http://pokemondatabase.psim.us/roleplaying
Unfortunately people prefer using the chat room than the showdown room for some reason
I get the part about leave it be and just ask them to stop, but while some may respect that, I find that most of them just ignore you and keep on going, even if several users aren't happy with it.
In my opinion, the blood and gore if ok AS LONG AS NOBODY ASKS THEM TO STOP, but kissing, online? Seriously? No, just no xP

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I agree with this. The chat room is for chatting, not role-playing. If there is no one else in the chat room I guess it doesn't matter, but it gets in the way when others want to chat.

I suggest RPers use the Showdown server like Sciz suggested: http://pokemondatabase.psim.us/roleplaying

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Hey Pokemaster, I have a bit of a request to go with this.  Would you mind having this shown explicitly on the chat page? That the chat room is not for role playing and to go to the showdown server?
This is needed, plus the server could use the publicity.
There's ROLEPLAYING?! I'm so in with that, but I suppose the site IS for questions... aww...
Um... Pokemaster? My iPad freezes on showdown. Is there any way you can fix this??