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In the chat I have noticed there has been a lot of posting of links to the site pokefarm asking for the users online to join or hold pokemon eggs. It is getting annoying.

it doesnt matter. its the chat. it doesnt have to be about this site. it doesnt even have to be about pokemon. we dont post as questions because its against the rules but its fine on the chat.

P.S. we find it annoying that you constantly spam.
its annoying like spam
True, but constantly seeing,

"HAY, HOLD MAI EGGS! [Link]" can get annoying if you don't care about it.
yeah good point.
You are one to talk about annoying spam >:L
***Posted by Flying Flygon, not me.***

"i am so so so sorry but some people like

they keep putting can you hold my eggs can you do this can you do that it is so so so SOO irritating i have to take a tranquilizer for me not to break my fasting every day in the morning but not just them other people in the morning at night is pokefarm some kind of attachment to this site ?

I would appreciated it if you did something about it thank you."
me and alex didnt spam we were having a conversation about it

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Yeah I've told several people to stop spamming their pokefarm links every 5 minutes. It is pretty annoying. Isn't there any messaging on the pokefarm site where you can ask people to do that?

Anyway you can take this answer as a new rule to not post pokefarm links multiple times in chat.

YAY !!! because it was getting very very annoying i held there eggs so they would shut up and leave me alone
But what if people dont have alot of interveiws? we can just tell them to put the link or simply ay no. thats being kind.