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Unaswerable questions...

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There are quite a few questions that have tried to be answered, but all the answers get turned to comments. these answers are the same type as some accepted answers. Why?

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Because some answers for different questions require more information than others, hence forth, if you don't give enough information for it to be an answer, it gets turned into a comment.

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Not all the answers are changed to comments.

If there's an answer that doesn't contribute to the question in any way, or is incorrect, then it is usually hidden.

Ex. Q: "Who is the fourth gym leader in pokemon gold?"

Answer that would get hidden: "Brock." "lol, why not just wait and see?" "He uses ghost type pokemon, so be careful."

These answers are incorrect or don't pertain to the question. These kinds of answers will be hidden.

If a question kind of sticks to the topic, but doesn't quite answer the whole question, it'll be turned into a comment.

Ex."Any suggestions for how to improve this team?"

I suggest using close combat instead of brick break."

While this is a useful suggestion, it's only one suggestion, and doesn't really cover the whole team. It's not completely useless, and won't be hidden, so it's turned into a comment to the person who asked the question can still benefit from it.

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