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Hey guys, I just put up our special Pokémon 20th Anniversary retro design! See the news post for more details.

Let me know what you think, and report any problems here.

I know there is a small issue on mobile with the page being zoomed out, trying to fix that right now.

The top of the page looks...uncomfortable. The design is great, but can you please make it black again?
look at that squirtle tho
Scyther actually looks freaking awesome, and after the 20th anniversary we should have a bigger version of that sprite.
Great job on the new  Retro look.
Someone's done a spectacular job at decorating this site c:

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![enter image description here][1]

Great job bossman! Looks awesome! Just 80 more years before Pokemon owns the world!

I'll give it 5 years, assuming the Espurr overlords make their move as planned.

You heard nothing =_=
Oh what's this? A new pokemon was announced? Illuminatieon? Wow, so cool!
Isn't this a SEEL of approval? Ha?
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On another note I'm still waiting for Pokemon Go...

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I love it!

Would it be difficult to implement a theme switcher of sorts to switch between the standard modern look and this new retro look, and possibly others down the road? Maybe with an option to remember your theme with cookies? That would be awesome :D

I don't think you should be suggesting here, but anyway this was already suggested recently.
I've thought about this a lot. It's quite difficult because we heavily cache all the pages on the main site for performance (so every visitor sees the exact same page). There may be a way around that which I will try soon.