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It would only be a quality of life change, but it would be nice if there was some sort of alert when you got a wall post, and My Updates seems like a fitting place. It could look something like "Astronautical posted on your wall." or "Astronautical posted on your wall!" for extra cheer. On the list of priorities, this would be near the bottom, but it's a nice idea.

Isn't it easy enough to click both "my updates" and then "Astronautical" to check the wall?
Like I said, quality of life. Yes, I can do that. But this is just an idea that I had.
+1 for extra cheer!
I didn't even know the My Update section existed until now lol
I like the idea of it appearing in My Updates but it would look odd as My Updates only shows questions. Isn't there still the option of getting notified of a wall post via email?
Folks hardly use e-mail to that extent nowadays, imo.

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