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Like if I sourced something from Serebii or GameFAQs.

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You can source whatever you want as long as the person asking the question is happy with it.

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Yes you can, though with GameFAQs perhaps be careful that the information from their site is actually accurate. Information posted on forums tends not to be as reliable as information you can find on organised sites like Serebii. Be sure to cross check.

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Okay, thank you. I just wasn't sure because I only saw people use Bulbapedia as a source.
That's fine, you can use anything you like as a reference if it's credible -- Bulbapedia just happens to have more information than a lot of other sites.
I'd say avoid Game FAQs altogether. It's mostly outdated or just inaccurate.
You basically just insulted the site.
More or less, yeah. But I would like to think that the culture around here is such that anything that isn't sufficiently explained and proven won't be accepted -- this would help keep the content here accurate. Traditional forums don't have the same sort of focus there is here.