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I used to have a Motorola Milestone(android) phone. The runned ok. offline and online. Same with my dad's iphone 3g+4.
I got a new phone, Sony Ericsson Vivaz[Symbian(i know symbian is too old)]. And when i try to access the mobile app, it doesnt load the whole app. Just the name. Is this because the phone is symbian? By the way the tags are just for fun you can edit them.:)

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I checked it out and the browser it uses is NetFront, which doesn't support web app features, sorry.

However, the 3DS browser does use NetFront too so I'll see if I can make any changes to get it to work :)

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I use Opera Broswer. The pre-installed one is really slow.
Ah right, it doesn't work in Opera either since Opera only works with an internet connection, not offline. However I will be making some changes to the main site (not the app) so that it should look better in all mobile browsers.