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There is a general lack of upvotes in the RMT section. I went through the first page, not a single upvote. The next page had quite a few.
Therein lies my question:
RMT seems to need to have good answers, quickly. However, all of the recent answers have been neither fast, nor quality (yes, mine included).
For example, Fizz had an excellent answer here:

Its was pretty promptly answered, and it was upvoted. However, right now, we have, like four people answering the RMT questions. The experts comment on them instead of answering, and no votes.

Does this normally happen? Is this OK? If not, is there a solution?

It's been discussed before:
Summary of the link is that we should allow new content in RMT like ingame teams. What do you think?
Yeah, I think that would be great!
Heck, even allowing any Team/Moveset/Deck question to be asked would be an improvement.
It's just that there aren't a bunch of points floating around. Nobody seems willing to upvote much of anything.
RMT has always been dead.
To be fair though, it looks a lot more dead than it is. Pretty much every thread gets some sort of response in the comments, and votes are only rare because the points system in that section is broken. (If content is so focused on comments, how do you end up with votes?)
There are solutions though, and I’d love if Pokemaster gave some thought to what I wrote in that thread. I’ll be writing a few more threads on issues like this.
Yeah, no is up voting, because they don't have enough points, and they can't get points because no one is upvoting.

Its a vicious cycle.
Lol its probably mostly because I'm like the only one on rmt and i suck at pokemon (jk) but seriously though somtimes I scroll through RMT and its just me. sumwun, and WhoGotDaFud
Time to go spam random people on RMT with likes

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