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For some reason, the "related questions" list isn't shown when viewing unapproved questions. I know that the list isn't always super helpful, but it could help a bit when finding dupes of questions that aren't approved yet.

Not an editor, and therefore, I have no experience with this at all.

Anyway, this seems like it would be a no-brainer. If the users can just by-pass the "are you SURE this question hasn't been asked?" thing, and ask their question anyway, then why even HAVE it unless the Authority can confirm it's not a duplicate?
It's not like they're powerless against; they could just open another tab and re-enter the DB and check for themselves. Regardless, I agree with HT.
I could easily open a new tab and search for duplicate questions, but the the search function on this site is, honestly, pretty bad. You have you scroll through a bunch of questions that seem completely unrelated, and there are always a load of pages.
Yeah, that's why I agree with you.
I've had loads of trouble trying to find specific questions that I KNEW existed, only to find them a few months later.

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