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I have been unable to come on site lately, so yeah, Hi all. And I'm happy to see the big change. Looks awesome. Good job, PM.
Okay, so I've been having this problem for 6 months or so, but I was too lazy to bring this up earlier. I signed in the main PC at home, and due to internet connectivity issues, I stopped using the net on that computer, and switched instead to my Dad's laptop, (that partly explains my inactivity). However, I am unable to view, much less answer the question on the main site. Every time I click on a question, I am shown this (very, very annoying) response :
>"You cannot view this question"
> "You do not have permission to do this operation"

I am like [wha(t]{he)ll} is going on. So, please look into the matter and do the needful. I love this site, and it would be a crying shame to not be able to use it :'(
Oooh, and if you solve this PM, I'll give all of you a special cyber hug and a muffin (with a thick layer of Nuttela on it) and some Skittles.
PS Again, the site looks AWESOME, and the wall, it's swell :)

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you know what, I just tried it, and i could gain access. lol PM, u work so fast ;p
NVM every1. Her's ur cyber hug and nuttela muffin and the skittles. u deserve it. think of it as my 'party' :P
"Sorry, you are currently unable to post in chat. If you are new, you must confirm your email address." It shows me this wen i trry to go on chat. sumbody help!
Could you hide those two comments and edit them onto the question, please? Thanks, it makes more space for people wanting to help you ;)
Gee, Flare. Can't you just edit it?

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OK I found the problem, your IP was blocked. We had a ton of spam coming for all different IPs in India so I blocked a huge range of IP addresses, and yours got caught in that.

Sorry about that. I've removed the block for those ranges now but we'll have to see if we start getting spam again. I might have to find a better solution.

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Thank you *sooooo* much Poke master! :) I had a suspicion that I was IP blocked.
Now you owe him some snacks... :P