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What were the first 5 questions in the pokebase?

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Just Curious
Cranidos It's like a fossil

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As the No. 5 oldest question, it is...
Question number 10, asked April 27, 2010

At No. 4 is...
Question number 8, asked April 26, 2010

Placing No. 3 is...
Question number 6, asked April 26, 2010 also.

The No. 2 oldest question...
Question number 5, asked April 24, 2010.

And the No. 1 oldest question on the Pokebase IS...
Insert drum roll here...
Question number 3, asked April 20, 2010.

That concludes our PokemonDB History lesson. Happy Birthday.

Hope I helped. :)

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The Ancient Questions!
So that's why the why do the poke balls shake question is so over-up-voted!