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well we can hide it but not closing. only mods can do so it would be neat if we could close our own question. eg:

asked 7 hours ago by KirbyCuteKing
closed 7 hours ago by KirbyCuteKing

|Closed with note: I found out the answer myself |

please excuse me as i spam my down taunt!

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If you find the answer yourself you’re encouraged to answer your own question
doesn't really let me :/
Why not just hide it?
Why does it say, "reshown 11 hours ago by KirbyCuteKing!" Why was it hidden, and then reshown?
I don't really think that matters.
Maybe a quick reference to the closed, then hide, and then reshown thing?

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This is how closing worked originally, but people kept closing questions incorrectly. For example they closed a question as soon as they got an answer (whether or not it was right).

The reason we have closing is so users know that their question is against the rules and it doesn't just disappear.

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