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You guys could add more info for evolution items, for example:

Water Stone: A peculiar stone that makes certain species of Pokémon evolve. It is a clear, light blue.

And then put the pokes that can evolve with this stone. Like:





And some others.

The site is run by one person. Expanding the itemdex would be something that has been on his agenda for a long time, so you can likely expect this at some point.
I think you mean Shellder, not Cloyster.
Maybe we should give the mods rights to editing the site?
1 word: Bulbapedia
I also think Pokemaster should let moderators edit the actual site itself.
Octalmari, nope, one word, cookies.
I'm pretty sure it's too hard to make an exception for only mods to edit like wikipedia and stuff.

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Thought I'd already commented on this one, but great idea! I should be able to knock that one out fairly quickly when I get a few minutes.

Incidentally I just fixed the item pages to show locations for TMs since we have them all in the database for the separate game pages. And yes, I am looking at letting users contribute more directly to the site.