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Look, I'm tired of going on the DB, checking my updates, and seeing 'Your comment hidden _ hours ago by ᴏᴄᴛᴀʟᴍᴀʀɪ' and when I check it, I see I hid it myself.

"But Octalmari!!!!111!!! It said YOU hid your own comment! What are you complaining about? You know how to read, don't you????////???"

While the statement above is true, I usually read it too quickly to notice my username in it.

Please stop giving me notifications when I hide my own content

I think it's there so you can re-show your posts when you accidentally hide them.
I mean, you should know when you accidentally hide them. How can you not notice the site auto-refreshing when you hide a post or a semi-invisible comment at the top of a post, even more noticeable when you hide a post, rather than a comment?
People might intentionally hide posts and want to re-show them later. Finding hidden posts, especially hidden questions, is kind of hard.

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Why are you hiding so many of your comments? You shouldn't need to do that, which would mean they wouldn't show up as much. As sumwun said it's useful to have them in the list so you can refer back to them if needed (for example if you hide a comment and want to reshow it, but forgot which post it was on).

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