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This is something I'm looking into and will hopefully do soon. This will be in the chat room at least, and maybe the main site.

You can post answers if you have related suggestions or better ideas of ways to do this.

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As I suggested this at first, I completely agree that this should be done.
Did all people who online in mobile phone could see who's online too?
Yeah it's a good idea, but maybe let the user choose whether they want it displayed or not for privacy reasons. I'm new so maybe I haven't found it yet but is there any way for users to private message each other?.. I can't seem to find it, sorry if I overlooked it? Also an option for an avatar on profile pages would make for a little personal touch. Hope I've helped :).
SO ancient...
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We there be a whole page dedicated to this, or just a small box? Maybe we can also have it so that we can invite members who are onsite into chat.

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I think inviting members may get a bit complicated and annoying for some people so I probably won't do that. And for the people online it will just be a box at the side of the page. Something simple like "recently active users: trachy, Swampert....etc"
Maybe we can have it so that there is a box on a person's profile page that shows the invintations. That way, it wouldn't be so annoying.
Am I ETC?! F***;))
I suggested that already
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You could make it so that if you clicked on to someones profile, it would say if they were on or not.

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