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All'n'all these updates are pretty cool except i think false-reporting (FR) will become a new problem now and one more thing one pointS lolwut (emphasizes the S).

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i love the upgrade!
Tynoshi,on your site I have an account but when I try to log it says my account is pending.can you fix this please?
I would like to point out that J98 still says registered user even though he has expert powers. Also why don't the editors have hiding listed on there extra privileges list?
What do you mean by "false reporting"?
I think he meant flagging.
Keep in mind mods are able to clear off flags, so it's not gonna be a big issue.
@MEWC strange you sure you put in the right email address or something thats whats most likely to happen
I will. Check but I'm pretty sure it's the right email

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I think I fixed the "1 points" thing (well it now says 0 points for negative users).

As for false reporting, we'll see. I think I might add a confirmation when you flag something that says not to flag legitimate answers.

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i dont think we will have too much of a problem because it takes 5 flags to remove it