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Why cant i vote on anything or answer anything!

I cant do anything!

               What the heck?
              Can somebody tell me what is going on
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You don't have any extra privileges on your profile, meaning that until you score higher or Pokemaster gives you back your privileges, then you can't do anything.

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You should be able to ask and answer questions just fine, but not vote. You need 80 points to be able to vote.

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it says i have 190 points
No, you have -190 points.

In words if you didn't catch the mark.

Negative One hundred nine-tee points.
Yes you are in the negative because you had a lot of downvotes. You'll just have to work your way back up. You can still post questions and answers, which you have already done in the last few hours. But you won't be able to vote until you get 80 points.
nobody would ever up vote me evrybody hates me ;(
Make your content higher quality.
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new rule: must have 80 points to vote.

can you ask? try that in the pokebase. You might be banned.

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