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I was thinking you could update this from ultra sun and ultra moon. You know when you see the move info it? It tells you what Pokemon can learn that move in ultra sun and ultra moon. I was thinking that you could change them to the Pokemon that can learn the move in shield and sword.

Pretty sure they've done this

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This has already been done. If you're seeing Pokedex pages that default to US/UM, it's because the Pokemon you're viewing doesn't exist in Sw/Sh nor LGP/E. For example, Charizard's page displays Sw/Sh by default, but Salamence's page shows US/UM by default.

I misunderstood what OP was talking about. Here's an example of what the issue is. I imagine Pokemaster would be able to deal with this relatively easily, since all the necessary data clearly exists already.

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Sorry, what I meant was when you click on a move you see what Pokemon can learn that move. They're still ultra sun and ultra moon.
So they are. My bad, sorry.
Example of what OP is talking about, for anyone reading: