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if would be really cool if you could make a pokemon online server for the site, i found this.

Ninja and I are planning to actually start creating our own Pokemon Online Server. Ninja is planning on doing this soon, we'll be ready to create the Server. We will need some people to help Ninja test a few things while creating the server. I obviously am Helping Ninja, any help we can get is good. We will need PM's Consent to put the server up. Support this idea by Answering/commenting if you think this is a good idea or not, the more the better. Give us your opinion or interesting ideas you might have and we'll take them to consideration.

Hope we can get this started and finished soon enough to gain publicity for the DB, and our own Server to hang out in and Battle :)


UPDATE 6/22/12: The server is about done. I abandoned it a while ago because I couldn't figure out how to port forward it. I just realized how much is done, so I am going to find out how. Anyways, we will need PM's Consent to put the server up. Give us your opinion or interesting ideas you might have and we'll take them to consideration. I had an Idea of two 'channels'. One would be "The Pokemon DB" while the other would say "Smogon tiered room". So look out for the server in the next few months, and everybody bug trachy to finish the tiers! (JK)


Update: The server is closed. I deleted all of the data. I don't have my own router anyways, so it wouldn't run. I no longer live with my parents, so I have none of my own Internet.

Other factors, I cannot directly copy Smogon tiers, it will not work. The biggest influence for me to do it anyways was to have a server with our tiers, but trachy closed them. So no more of the server work.

I may try again if we have our own tiers.

Update: This might get finished. If we get our own tiers. JCM is currently working on those, BY HIMSELF... and if he is unable to do so, unless trachy wants to do them... sucks for us.


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I love this idea.
Bringing this back up, because we might be doing this soon and we need Pokemaster's consent.
Hey guys is this thing still being worked on? Or is it being post-poned until trachy finishes the tiers?
Yeah. I am. Just having some problems...
NO! This sounded so cool... :( :(
IKR!!! This would have been awesome, had it been done.

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I Nominate The Pika to help out! Yeh sure i can do whateva u want

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It's closed...
it got closed literally 2 hours after i posted, gosh...