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the lack of some pokemon made the monotype lc tournament kinda boring. some types were worthless like dragon while others like water had so much options. i am aware we cant have pokemon like yanma in swsh but we play the tournaments on showdown and since im going to join the next tournament, i wanna have more variety. but like have some of the same rules like for example, lc tourneys must have level 5 mons and so on

Didn't somebody post the same question yesterday or smth?
This is just dependant on the tour. We can revote for tier when it's coming around I guess but there's no rule against making it other tiers, it's just no one chooses them
If it's just the next tour you're worried about, I can put it to a vote once signups open
I personally dislike National Pokedex because its rules are very messy and arbitrary. They were decided by maybe 2 or 3 random people on Smogon, and nobody has been able to fix them. Here's what happened last time they tried:
Smogon policy is messy in general in glad that we're easier than that lol
OU isn't nearly as messy. That's why we use it in more tournaments.
That's true, I was speaking more on the while policy section. I read through it on the reg and it seems a night mare sometimes

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Oh wait I can just answer these things now lol.

As I commented, the only reason that tours don't take place in tiers other than gen standard is because that's what the tour creator wanted it to be. If you put up a tour idea and said it would take place in NatDex or BH or something then it would.

We're currently taking people's thoughts on tournaments and how we're going to structure them in the future as well as the possibility of making a new tournament ideas page, in which new ideas are more likely to be seen. However in regards to any tours that happen before then, you can raise concerns about their tier, rules, bans etc beforehand and we can have votes on what people want. I'm open to changing tours if the players agree that doing so is beneficial. There might be some requirements like having to have played in a tour in the past, but nothing more severe than that. We'll figure the specifics out later.

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