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like this moveset searcher
when it gets fixed

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OK I see what you mean now. That's an advanced Pokemon search and might be something I do in future.

For now though, there are many ways to sort and filter Pokemon:
You have the moveset searcher (which is now fixed by the way!)
And the stats page where you can filter by type and order by stats. And filter by name.
Or you can go to the type page to see Pokemon of that type.
You can use the egg groups page to see who's in what group.
You can use the EV pages to see who gives what EVs.

And many other ways around the site, depending on what you want to look up. IMO it's not that useful to combine a lot of these. I mean, who wants to find Pokemon in the Humanshape egg group that are Grass type and give off Speed EVs?

I think it would be useful to have stats on the moveset searcher.for example a pokemon with the highest attack stat that has aqua jet?
If you actually need to know that, It's Dragonite.