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I noticed that as of now, the moveset searcher seems to only apply for the Pokedez of the most recent games, Sword and Shield. This is not helpful for people trying to find moveset options for Pokemon that exist outside of SW/SH no National 'Dex thing.

There should be an option to select which generation of games you are using when looking up Pokemon on the moveset searcher.

I love this idea! I wish I thought of it...
The /ds command on Showdown! can already do this. For example, "/ds2 reflect" finds all Pokemon that learn reflect in gen 2.
Does that trick work for entire movesets or just one move? Hm?

Also, @DelphoxOracle: get gud
@Flappers It can search for any (whole) number of moves and a lot more things.

/dexsearch [parameter], [parameter], [parameter], ... - Searches for Pokémon that fulfill the selected criteria
Search categories are: type, tier, color, moves, ability, gen, resists, recovery, zrecovery, priority, stat, weight, height, egg group.
Valid colors are: green, red, blue, white, brown, yellow, purple, pink, gray and black.
Valid doubles tiers are: DUber/DOU/DBL/DUU/DNU.
Types can be searched for by either having the type precede 'type' or just using the type itself as a parameter, e.g., both 'fire type' and 'fire' show all Fire types; however, using 'psychic' as a parameter will show all Pokémon that learn the move Psychic and not Psychic types.
'resists' followed by a type will show Pokémon that resist that typing, e.g., 'resists normal'.
'weak' followed by a type will show Pokémon that are weak to that typing, e.g., 'weak fire'.
'asc' or 'desc' following a stat will show the Pokémon in ascending or descending order of that stat respectively, e.g., 'speed asc'.
Inequality ranges use the characters '>=' for '≥' and '<=' for '≤', e.g., 'hp <= 95' searches all Pokémon with HP less than or equal to 95.
Parameters can be excluded through the use of '!', e.g., '!water type' excludes all water types.
The parameter 'mega' can be added to search for Mega Evolutions only, the parameter 'gmax' can be added to search for Gigantamax Formes only, and the parameter 'NFE' can be added to search not-fully evolved Pokémon that are not in another tier.
'Alola' 'Galar', 'Therian', 'Totem', or 'Primal' can be used as parameters to search for those formes.
Parameters separated with '|' will be searched as alternatives for each other, e.g., 'trick | switcheroo' searches for all Pokémon that learn either Trick or Switcheroo.
You can search for info in a specific generation by appending the generation to ds, e.g. '/ds1 normal' searches for all Pokémon that were normal type in Generation I.
/dexsearch will search the Galar Pokedex; You can search the National Pokedex by using /nds or by adding natdex as a parameter.
Searching for a Pokémon with both egg group and type parameters can be differentiated by adding the suffix 'group' onto the egg group parameter, e.g., seaching for 'grass, grass group' will show all Grass types in the Grass egg group.
The order of the parameters does not matter.
Oh ****, that's awesome.

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