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It used to be so good but now it only shows Pokemon that are in the SW/SH Pokedex because of dexit.

There should be a way to search for all Pokemon, across every generation, or in just the Pokedex of one generation.

Not having a quick-to-access moveset searcher makes my job of coming up with troll sets more time consuming.

Okay, we all know I would and have dunked 20 mins into coming up with troll sets just to spite people, but convenience still makes it better by allowing for more time to commence the "evil finger pyramid" of doom.

You can do this on Showdown! with "/ds1" for gen 1, "/ds2" for gen 2, etc.
Will that show all of the Pokemon up until the gen you select or will it only show the Pokemon in that gen?
It searches all Pokemon that exist in the generation, including Pokemon introduced in earlier generations. You can also type "/nds" to search every Pokemon, including the Dexit ones.
"/nds" is national dex search. "/ds" for that generation as sumwun told.
Good to know •o•

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