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why do people always vote down your question

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2 Answers

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  • It breaks the RULES
  • It is stupid
  • MINE question?
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Also, which question are you talking about?
team question
Please, use comment system. I just checked and I see no team question by you. Do you have link?
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Just to add to DarthDestiny, your specific team question was voted down and hidden because you didn't include the necessary information like abilities, stats, natures and all the pokemon. And any of your other posts were voted down for similar reasons of rule breaking.

Also I will just note here that you should try harder to write better English, in proper sentences. For example here is a recent answer:

it can breed with both breed with a male to get egg move to be pass to baby

This is not a sentence. (See how I edited your answer.) Note I don't mean to pick on you because loads of members do this, but we'd like to clean it up if possible. Thanks.

And please... read the rules!

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