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I thought it would be cool to have a thread where people post Pokémon Sword rental teams since I couldn’t really find a website that does this except Victory Road, which doesn’t add new teams regularly. I didn’t want to create it myself because it didn’t seem to fall under Rate My Team or Q/A, but I thought a moderator could post it like the battle replays thread.

Would like to know if people want this. Give us your thoughts below. (For context, we would strictly enforce that each submission has a rental code.)
I don’t have the games but I think this would be cool
What are rental teams
teams that other people made that you can steal using the rental code
This would be nice.
aight i will upvote bc it sounds like fun,,,
Awesome now everyone will be able to use my g max toxtricity team that got me to masterball in vgc series four.

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