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I saw the shiny dex, and i was wondering if someone could take the shiny dex, update all the textures to the normal ones, and make a new list, or just add in alolan and mega pokemon in national dex

I know, but i meant a list like the shiny dex, but with normal textures but it doesn't have megas included
am I the only one wondering why these questions are on meta and not pokebase?
Technically, it could be, if they were asking someone to list every Pokemon. But this asks something regarding the site itself.

Though yeah it seems like something that could be asked on Pokebase if the description wasn't there lol
I think that it could be made by copying the page and changing something in the code
If this is flagged because it was an answer, please unflag it lol.
Sorry, but do you find this a good suggestion?

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