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Its just a way to describe laughing. Snigger is not a bad word and now people are probably going to think im racist because of the swear block in chat.

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The actual reason is because the censors on the chat detect it based on the sequence of characters, which is if I say grasshole, it changes over into "grrearend". Since it still contains a blocked word, it will recognize it as that despite no spacing between it.

Of course, this is just from what I've seen.

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it replaced it with "I AM RAICIST" very mature pokemaster
What's wrong with it? If you use the word in the first place, you're in no position to call people immature.
Yes... this is known as the "Scunthorpe problem" (look it up on Wikipedia). It's pretty difficult to censor words because they could be contained within other words. And if you only censor it when it has spaces around it then people could add other characters around it, e.g. if I censored "fart" you could post #fart# or xfartx or simply farts.

Also, if you happen to say I AM RACIST in the middle of a sentence then I don't think people will suddenly believe you really are racist.
Yeah, but instead of snigger, you can use snicker instead. They're synonyms, so there shouldn't be a problem.
I am notorious with typos as you can see "sI AM AM RAICIST"is how it showed up consider it looks like i missed the caps lock and pressd 's' by accident :P
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Yes it is plain and simple although sniigger is a horrible word for the censor to use

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