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I was reading some of the "Pokemon Database stories" and wondered if there could be a thread for DB users Fakemon ideas!

The requirements would be name, type, etymology, inspirations, at least 1 Pokedex entry, level up learnset, base stats, gender ratio, egg groups, and abilities. You would also be able to include your own new signature moves and abilities! Of course, you should try to include concept art or a descriptor....but if you can't it's fine.

Example (one of my own Fakemon)


Etymology: Phantom + Raze + Razor
Type: Steel/Ghost
Possible Abilities: Steely Spirit, Cursed Body, (Hidden) Shadow Tag
Inspirations: Scythes, Grim Reaper
Egg Groups: Amorphous, Mineral
Gender Ratio: 50% Female, 50% Male
Description: Long and ethereal ghost with no legs and only a wispy tail; yellow mist floating off in places; arms are black, metal scythes; no facial features except for eyes on a pure black face, with metal eyelashes growing out over the head like horns; two pieces of steel that have the shape of crescent moons hang down from the head like hair and frame the face.

Pokedex Entries:

"This vengeful spirit fused itself with metal scythes in order to exact revenge upon it's killers. As a result, it is very slow."
"After revenging itself, this Pokemon works in pairs with Dusknoir to escort spirits to the afterlife. Nothing can escape Phantazor when it decides to go after you."

Base stats:
HP: 80
Atk: 120
Def: 90
SpA: 60
SpD: 100
Spe: 45
BST: 495

Level-up Learnset:

Level 1: Scratch
Level 1: Mean Look
Level 1: Spite
Level 5: Astonish
Level 15: Metal Claw
Level 19: Confuse Ray
Level 20: Eerie Impulse
Level 30: Smart Strike
Level 35: Shadow Ball/Slash
Level 45: Specter Scythe (70 BP, Physical, Steel type, does Ghost type damage for 2-3 turns.)
Level 55: Swords Dance
Level 75: Autotomize

May I make this thread?

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We already have one, although old and part of a bygone era:

Not sure if we can still post on it at the moment, though. :P
Huh, I completely forgot about that thread. Since it already exists, I don't see what would be wrong with reviving it or making a sequel thread.
*posts two regions' worth of fakemon*
what's the purpose of this? what good will this do to this website?
It doesn't really have a purpose to be honest. Just thought it would be a fun thread for the community.

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