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And maybe add tiers to the all Pokemon with Stats page so one can for example put in UU, Grass types and Highest Speed on first so that it would be easier to make a team.

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That might not work so well just because there aren't universally accepted tiers.  Our site has our tiers, but we all know Smogon has its own version and who knows what other sites have their own tiers.  The differences may discredit us in the eyes of  new users who would interpret them as wrong.  I certainly can see the practical advantages of it though...  It might work all right if a link to the tier page and explanation of that we have our own tiers was provided.
Not to mention the fact that the tiers change over time and would be very tedious to constantly update.
Well there probably wont be another big tier change until Gen 6 so it wouldn't be for a while. Ans I see your point Fritjof maybe saying something like Tier according to the Pokemon Database or something.
Another quick suggest, considering how well the first time like this worked out.
Is putting a pokemon's tier into their moveset question, it would make it better for a moveset to make, considering that we could keep in mind what kind of opponents they're having to deal with.
Great idea there J98.

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Just mentioned this in another post but yeah I'll add them at some point.

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