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There's a certain user who people cannot agree on. Some people say he's just a kid who doesn't know any better and his questions, other people believe he is a troll. What is the difference? In his case, is it really possible to tell (given how everyone responds with 'little kid' or 'troll'?)

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I'd say shitposts are those that are either too time consuming and irrelevant to answer or those that can be easily googled up
my questions i think borderline on shitposts since they aren't genuine questions and are just dumb half the time. so i guess if you compare the posts to mine and you think they're similar but slightly worse, then thwy're shitposts ;')
I feel like your posts are genuine there's just too much uwu in them
uwu uwu
damn wow dang darn gosh
The difference is intent, though I don't think that the difference matters in this situation. There have been multiple times where people have been banned for being bad trolls by asking shitpost-y questions, and there have been times where people have been banned for constantly posting low quality questions.
Generally, it's pretty easy to tell when something is done just for the sake of trolling people. I don't think this is the situation. But, like I said above, it comes back to the difference not mattering. If the mods think this user should be banned for the quality of their posts, then that's what will happen. Otherwise, nothing will happen, even if the intent of the posts is to troll people.

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