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First off, I want to say that I love the type coverage checker. My favorite new tool for making my movesets.

The Moveset Searcher is cool, although I think you might be missing some moves for Pokemon. Perhaps Pokemon that can receive these moves from previous generations (Stealth Rock on Swampert for example). I have used it a few times, although only when using Dream World abilities.

So great job on that Pokemaster and also on all the other changes made. This site is like Gears of War 3, it improves on perfection.

Secondly, I'd like to announce the creation of the Tiering Council. This is a group of members who have a ton of battling experience and are important on the site, while also being an important part in the formation of the tiers. The members are currently: Trachy, DT, Will, J98, PB-10, speed freak, Hex, and MewCreation. (Also, I guess you Pokemaster, but you don't seem to be all too interested in the tiers. You still get a vote though. Well, do I even need to say what you get, you are the creator of this site.) When a major tier change is brought up, the Tiering Council will vote on whether or not to institute the change. Majority rules, although when we get more members, if we have an even number, if it is a tie, the Pokemon will always move up to the higher tier. Don't worry, the Tiering Council isn't closed to you, you just need to prove you really know what you're talking about with tiers. So to become part of the tiering council, you need to have argued successfully for a tier change. That is how PB, J98, speed, and Hex are on the Council (while me, DT, and Will are on it for the actual creation of the tiers). This system seems to work well, and Machoke and Haxorus have been kept and changed respectively.

In the event of a tie, the remaining users are able to vote and give their inputs, on the following conditions:

  • You must have experience battling, and even better if you have experience with the pokemon in question.
  • you must be in good standing on the site. (ie. no warnings, bans, etc)
  • You must post a legitimate reason for your answer; all the rules of tiering apply, meaning no opinions.
  • Note that your vote can still be voided.
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Machoke? Are you talking about gurrdur?
No we had a debate to decide if Machoke should move up. We decided against it.
No ya'll didn't actually.
Me and PB-10 voted RU, and You Trachy and Will voted NU.
Neither Hex nor Dt had a say, so nothings happened yet.
i think he should be ru, but i know im not on the council
Oh I thought we decided NU because after me, Trachy, and WILL said NU you said never mind, I guess you changed your mind.
Ok DT said NU so now because 4 of the 7 said NU he stays in NU.
@ Speed - It wasn't because of what y'all were saying, I just figured It was pretty clear he was staying NU.
MewCreation has been added as a member.

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Thanks, glad you like the tools! You're right, it's missing gen 4 TMs from the list so I'll make sure to add those.

As for tiering, I'm happy to let you guys decide. I really haven't done enough battling to know which tiers Pokemon should be in. Also, when I get round to it I will list the tiers in the Pokedex. Probably both ours and smogon's since a lot of people like and use smogon tiers.

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