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The title refers to this page. I sorted by total, and it's, obviously sorted from either lowest to highest or highest to lowest, depending on how I decide it's sorted, but when it comes to Pokemon with the same BST, it gets a little confusing. Mega Mewtwo X and Y are separated by Mega Rayquaza, with Y coming before X. Same thing with the Crowned forms of Zamazenta and Zacian, who are separated by Arceus. If it was alphabetical, Arceus and Mewtwo X should come first in the Pokemon with those respective BSTs, but it's not sorted that way. It's also not sorted by Pokedex number. How is it sorted? I feel like it should be sorted by Pokedex numbers when it comes to Pokemon with the same stats.

I think it’s sorted by the greatest / least HP stat. And if those are the same, the greatest / least Attack, Defense, Special Attack, etc.
I actually looked to see if it was sorted that way and I somehow missed it. Thanks lol

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