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I'm not exactly sure how to explain this in words, so I'll do my best to give examples. What I'm referring to is how, for example on Solrock's Pokedex page, Sapphire, FireRed, and LeafGreen are all grouped together because the location for those games is the same, as it's unknown. Alpha Sapphire and Sun, Moon, US, and UM are not grouped, however. I'm assuming this is because they are not part of the same generation, while Sapphire, FR, and LG are. It should also be noted that Ruby and Emerald are not grouped together, despite having the same location. It would make more sense if, assuming locations match, they are grouped by region, instead. This means that Ruby and Emerald would be grouped, Sapphire would be by itself, and FR/LG would be in their own group. The same thing should apply for other games. On Trapich's Pokedex page, Platinum and HG/SS should have separate sections, as they are different regions.
If not by region, then they should be grouped by generation. I know I already stated that that seems to be how it is, however, if you look at Lunatone's Pokedex page, you'll see that Ruby is separate from FR, LG, and Emerald. I believe this is because Emerald was released after FR and LG, however, I really think it makes more sense to group these by generation or region, rather than release date.

I considered posting this on the minor errors thread, but this isn't really an error. How it is now is fine, however I think it could be done in a way that makes more sense. This isn't really that big of a deal, it's just something minor that bothered me.


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