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If you have a specific problem with your team that you want help with (e.g. "I can't beat Flannery", "I don't know which to choose out of Graveler and Onix") then you can post your in-game team on the main section.

There is nowhere on PokeBase you can get a full "rate" of your in-game team in the same manner as competitive teams in the RMT section. This will not change (based upon polls we ran recently), as community sentiment is that in-game teams are not worth rating due to the repetitious advice involved.

There is a likelihood that all advice for in-game teams will phased out in favour of more general questions. To use the examples above, we would encourage you to ask "What are the best strategies to beat Flannery?" and "Which of Graveler and Onix is best for D/P playthroughs?" instead of restricting the question to your own team only.

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