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Hello and welcome once again to the most recent instalment of DB's quarterly competitive tournaments! Today I bring you sumwun's Generation 4 Sinnoh tournament, and while the glory of Gen 4 is long behind us, we can still play this for the nostalgia in the present day!


  • All battles must be played in Gen 4 OU. This means that the Gen 4 mechanics would be used, and Garchomp and Manaphy are banned.
  • You can use a Pokemon only if it's introduced in Gen 4 OR on the Sinnoh Pokedex. For example, Heatran and Scizor are both allowed, but Tyranitar is banned.
  • Stealth Rock is banned (debatable).


  • All battles should be conducted on the official PokéBase Showdown! server.
  • Standard Smogon battle clauses apply.
  • Ghosting is strictly prohibited. Ghosting is defined as giving any piece of advice to someone playing a game. Spectators may not influence a player's decisions, nor can players accept outside help during a battle.
  • You are not required to have the same team throughout the tournament; you may swap out team members (or whole teams) between matches if you desire to.
  • Agreements are allowed. For example, if you want to ban Heatran, and if your opponent agrees, you can play without it. Try to agree only if you're totally sure about it, as breaking agreements is frowned upon.
  • Replays should be always be saved. Play on SmogTours if you feel that your memory might deceive you.

Please post all battle replays to the thread here, as a comment to the BA'd answer with the matchups (coming after the signups end). If a battle between two players is not conducted before the set deadline, then I will decide whether an extension will be granted or if a player will get the act win. You can also call act if your opponent failed to show up on time. More information about it is here (try reading before calling act).

I will be watching each replay to ensure these rules are followed, and should they be broken, the results will not be accepted and the battle must be redone. Further rule violations will result in disqualification.


Please read the guidelines for playing in tournaments before signing up!

For those interested in signing up, please post an answer below. Your answer should include your Pokemon Showdown username, your time zone, and what hours and days you will be available to battle normally. Remember that GMT-based time zones are different during daylight savings time! It would also be recommended to use a time zone converter for scheduling battles.

Additionally, please list any changes you want to make to the rules/format of this tournament. For example, you may want to ban an overpowered/meta-defining Pokemon, move or item that isn't a problem in the normal metagame, and/or unban Uber Pokemon that may be balanced under the new restrictions. If possible, at least give your input on the debatable rules which can be seen above. Explaining your decisions could be helpful. Also, please state whether or not you want the tournament to be single elimination or double elimination. For a quick rundown, double elimination puts people that lose into a separate bracket that takes place simultaneously as a the main bracket, making it so you have to lose twice to be eliminated from the tourney.

Here's an example of how to signup:

Showdown Username: assaultdestiny
Time Zone: IST (GMT +5.5)
Availability: Anytime in the weekends, 12 PM to 6 PM weekdays
Further Bans: None

Sign-ups will close on Friday, January 14th at 12:00 AM IST, and first round match-ups will be posted within 24 hours of closing.


Once you've met your opponent in the DB Showdown! Server, remember to challenge them using the code: /challenge gen4ou @@@ -stealth rock. Sadly all the banned Pokémon can't be banned through a custom command, so this would have to suffice. But if you wish to ban the banned Pokémon from the Gen 4 OU Viability Rankings through the code, let me know and I'll generate one. I'll check all replays, though, so there'll be almost no scope of "cheating".

Post on my wall or Discord DM me if you have any queries about anything. Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!

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Because I'm very generous, here's Joey's and BKC's DPP OU Builder:
A lot of these Pokémon are banned in this tournament, but the players would get an overall idea of how to build for DPP OU. Also make sure to check the samples, VR's and speed tiers, but this is gonna be one of the best resources.

Happy to help.
are we using the Platinum pokedex or the BD/SP pokedex?
This one is more accessible.
Mentioning this here because I left the DB server, I didn't get (make) a code haha lmao so just play with the Pokémon mentioned in the list. Failure to comply with the same would result in a re-match, and if you still don't get it the win would be rewarded to the opponent.

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Congratulations to J™ for winning the tournament! Thank you to every participant for showing enthusiasm throughout the tournament. It was a fun jig to host a tour.




Round Two

Round One

* Darkinator had originally won the match, but their team had some Pokémon banned from the tournament. They were asked to do a re-match, but they instead chose to give J™ the win.

With another tournament ending, the tournament host signups for the next Pokébase tournament are now open. If you would like to host the next tournament, leave a comment on this answer saying you’d like to host. The requirement for hosting is having scheduled and played one tournament battle before. Once sumwun or any Moderator approves you, it would be your responsibility to host the next tournament.

Please make sure to read the hosting guide before asking to host.

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Showdown Username: assaultdestiny (though I always play on alts)
Time Zone: IST (GMT +5.5)
Availability: 9 AM to 1 PM my time on weekdays, usually not available on weekends
Further Bans: Stealth Rock and Spikes

Single Elimination & BO3

I'm voting to ban Stealth Rock (and Spikes, too) because of ample of reasons, some of which I'll note here:

  • The lack of hazard removal moves is a big issue. As Defog was buffed in Generation 6, it wouldn't remove hazards in Generation 4, so the players would have to be content with Rapid Spin.
  • Rapid Spin is a good move as a whole, because removing hazards is extremely important in Gen 4, and the fact that your hazards are preserved is extremely appeasing to anyone.
  • The move sees a pretty fair distribution, with three OU Pokémon learning it in the said Gen, and many more from lower tiers, a lot of which have some niche in Gen 4 OU.
    • But this is what's gonna hit us the most. With a lot of Gen 4 Pokémon not in the Sinnoh dex being erased out totally, Rapid Spin sees pitiful distribution, with only one viable Pokémon which can use the move remaining, Tentacruel.
    • Because of this specific reason, removing hazards would become extremely difficult, because Tentacruel isn't a very good Pokémon per se, and on offensive hazard stacking teams, which can put immediate pressure on your Spinner, it'd be very difficult to not get worn down by hazards in the end.
  • Tentacruel isn't a very good Pokémon, too, as I've mentioned before.
    • It's a niche fit outside hard stall and semistalls, and has issues on balance if it's not paired with the correct support.
    • Without RestTalk, it'd get worn down by hazards and offensive pressure easily, and some sane doubles can make it difficult to get a Spin off. Also, RestTalk doesn't usually run Rapid Spin, because of 4MS, so that's another issue.
    • It has a major weakness to the common Ground- and Electric-types (in DPP OU as a whole) and can be exploited by them easily. The defense stat isn't very welcoming, too, as base 70 makes it vulnerable to common physical attackers in the metagame.
    • It also has a lot of common checks in Bronzong, Gyarados, Gengar and the Rotom formes, which are pretty common and great Pokémon and can make use of Tentacruel's momentum drain easily.
  • Also, against hazard stack teams, it would be very difficult to maintain momentum and prevent your Pokémon from getting chipped. Because of this, the meta would unwillingly shift to hyper offense and offense, making it very unhealthy as a whole.
  • I'm not voting to ban Toxic Spikes because it is relatively rare and would be far easier to play around.

Overall, because of the extremely limited distribution of the only hazard removal move, banning hazards would be fair enough, in my opinion.

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Showdown! Username: SwastikMis123 (on different alts though)
Time Zone: IST
Availability: Any day, 10 AM to 10 PM
Further Bans: None

Single Elimination, Best of One. Do not expect me to always follow the availability as I might get busy because of simultaneous tours

Ok, I have to go.  Can you battle at 6pm your time tomorrow?
Had some other tour match up at the same time :|. Yes we'll try 6 pm tomorrow or just take the win.
I'm online now.  I can battle until 9pm your time.
Are you still up? I'm in the main PS! as AGCL6 Swas.
Yes I am
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Showdown username: chesta adabi b / Abimaster300 (put 2 accounts because at some situation i need to use one of them, if you get what im saying)
Timezone: WIB (GMT +7 indonesia)
Availability: usually free in the weekend, saturday 12.00-20.00 and sunday 10.00-20.00
Further bans: Ban all Hazards pls, dont want any trouble with that

I think single elimination BO3 would be good :)

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It'd be nice if you pick one option, would help in counting the votes tbh.
Okie, let me choose one of them (give me time to think)
Best of luck!
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Showdown! Username: Jhnfui
GMT -4
Availability: 7pm to 9pm on weekdays and Almost anytime on weekends.
Single Elimination.

Don't ban hazards so I can play stall.

Won't hazards be an issue for you if you wanna play Stall :x
Gentlemen's to banning all hazards for this one oml?

Anyways when can you get this done? I'm +5.5, can you do 18:00 my time on Saturday?
I'm fine with no hazards.  That time is perfect for me.  Just before my bowling tournament.
ahhh cool cya then, and good luck for the bowling tournament!
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I think this is the very first time we're playing one of my ideas, so I kind of need to sign up.

Username: sumwun
Time zone: GMT -13
Availability: 3 pm to 1 am GMT on weekends, maybe also 9 pm to 1 am GMT on weekdays
Double elimination and best of 1
Further bans: stealth rock, snow cloak

As Maybach already mentioned, Tentacool and Tentacruel are the only 2 Pokemon that can remove stealth rock. This makes the outcome of a battle depend too much on whether each player is carrying a Tentacruel, whether you can safely switch in your Tentacruel, and whether you can stop your opponent from doing the same. Vote to ban stealth rock if you want to think about other things while you're playing.

Stealth rock lets ground Pokemon and steel Pokemon dominate the metagame more easily, as most of them can use stealth rock in addition to resisting the opponent's stealth rock. Banning stealth rock should create a more diverse metagame where other stuff like Staraptor, Crobat, Abomasnow, Weavile, Uxie, or Cresselia can be viable.

Also I just remembered that snow cloak exists. It probably shouldn't.

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Why did you change your username when I was trying to challenge you?
I'm back. Can you battle
If you are not free now, we can battle at 3 PM GMT
Can you battle around 6pm to 7:30pm GMT this Thursday?
Yes that should work.
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showdown username: Fresher Than You
timezone: GMT+0
Availability: subject to change but almost definitely weekends

don't ban SR and spikes you nerds

ur nerd
what time are you free this week? also i only could play on weekends, so we might need extension. i could ask for exception from my parent cause this is a tournament.
@Chaos481 try scheduling again, if they don't respond you can call activity.
hey, are you available at 09.00 (02.00 for you), or 16.00 (09.00 for you), or 20.00 (13.00 for you) sunday my time?
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Showdown Username: Blastfury0164
Time Zone: GMT-3
Availability: usually between 2:30 PM to 7:45 PM (in my time zone)
Further Bans: Stealth Rock. Also maybe Spikes and Snow Cloak
Single Elimination

I was considering to suggest unbanning Garchomp, but I remembed a certain Hippo stll exists, so that is not working. Snow Cloak is a potential ban thanks to Abomasnow being better due to Godzilla's department and likely lack of Stealth Rocks (Similarly how Sand Veil was Banned). Speaking of SR, I agree with the ban (RIP Azelf), Tentacruel is not bad per say, but it being the only thing that can remove the stones is way too much to handle. Also valid for Spikes (RIP Froslass).

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Username: KRLW890
Time zone: American Central (GMT-5)
Availability: most open on weekends and Thursdays, but I could probably squeeze a battle in on other days.

Ban SR, possibly Spikes/TSpikes, too.

Opposite sides of the world, can you do 1 AM my time today (technically tomorrow)?
Edit: Wanna agree to banning Spikes for this one >.<
Wanna do same time tomorrow?
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after 6 on weekdays, whenever on the weekends

What’re your bans or are you not banning anything?
Hey when are you available to battle? I'm open all day tomorrow, and most of Friday.
Tonight or in the evening tomorrow is good, probably around 6 est tonight is when I’ll hop on
I can be on at 6 est today.
I didn't see you yesterday, but I can be on 6 est tonight, as well.
Hey, I'm on now and will be available for another 2 hours at least.
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I voted for this tour so I am obligated to sign up to be an easy win a worthy challenger… :P
I’ll probably lose… .-.

Trippy Soup
From 9AM to 12PM my time; some days I may be Sporadically unavailable; so it is best to throw times at me in advance (or vice versa) and see what we can do
Double Elim
Ban Stealth Rock

I’m fine with Snow Cloak hanging around.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

…But I’ll definitely have fun :P

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Watch this easy win turn sour with snow cloak hax
I’m more fine with RNG screwing me over than someone outplaying me with Tentacruel hazard removal, I guess.
I never minded hax all that much: if you turn sour because of RNG, you care way too much about the match m8. :P
Hey Staka, are you able to battle today? The time will be up to you
Unfortunately I was not able to battle today. I can do the next 2 days from 12:30 PM- 3:00 PM, if that’s okay with you. I’ll just hang out in the DB Showdown! Server around those times, probably making a bunch of horrible teams. :P
Right! Tomorrow I'll tell you whenever I'm ready
I'm ready, where are you?
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Username - my magius
Time Zone - IST(GMT+5:30)
Availability - weekdays 3 PM to 5PM
further bans - non
Single elimination

dont ban hazards.

this is my first pokebase tourny
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Showdown Username: Gatik
Timezone: GMT +5:30 (IST)
Availability: I am usually available from 10:30 A.M to 2:30 P.M GMT on weekdays, anytime weekends
Format: Double Elimination
Further Bans: Stealth Rocks, Spikes, Toxic Spikes

Just ban hazards in general. As everyone said, just one user of Rapid Spin, that too Tentacruel, it just sucks. Toxic Spikes too, as Poison types are not that common, being poisoned by Toxic Spikes, and we can't get rid of it by digging down and using Flare Blitz, like Ash's Infernape did. That sucks.

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Can we play this Sunday?
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Showdown Username: D4rkinator RN
Time Zone: IST (GMT +5:30)
Availability: Anytime in the weekends, 5 PM to 6 PM weekdays
Further Bans: Stealth rock and Spikes

@J™ I've talked to Darkinator, he was busy at that time, I'll give you both an extension though and you can finish this in the weekend.
Sure, tomorrow works for me.
i'm online now, PM me @D4rkinator RN
Just challenged you