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Let´s vote for Pokémon we want in next Dream World event:

VOTE FOR CELEBI (most of you don´t have it)


Also, I would like Pokemaster to put this on home page, if he doesn´t mind

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I voted for Dragonite!
Arceus is probably going to win. http://www.pokemon.com/us/vote/#/ranking
Why arceus? GF is already going to release him anyway. Also how on earth is Magikarp doing better than Celebi!?
yeah! why is magikarp before celebi?
Moxie Gyarados fans, mixed with people who just like thinking they're cool for voting Magikarp.

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Well people should vote for what Pokemon they want ;)

I voted for Deoxys since that's one of the few Pokemon I don't have legitimately.


Also yes I'll make a news post about it. I did already mention it on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/pokemondb :D

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Shut up, you´re from England! :D You´ve had your chance to get Celebi this year, haven´t you? :D
Yes I think I did. I'd say Celebi, Deoxys and Arceus are the only ones a lot of people haven't really been able to get. I bet the result will be Arceus just like it was in Japan.
Stupid Koreans, they chose Rayquaza.
I have legit Arceus, activated Ranger 3 event for Deoxys...now only Celebi =3
Trachy I am Korean :(
I live in america
Then avenge your people and choose something you can only get by an event instead of a Pokemon you catch in a game and has no DW ability even.
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Just thought I'd post another answer with the current rankings:

  1. Arceus (told ya!)
  2. Ditto (I forgot about its awesome DW ability!)
  3. Mew (why? everyone has this already)
  4. Deoxys (yay)
  5. Darkrai (yawn)
  6. Magikarp (trolling much?)
  7. Celebi (sorry, DD)
  8. Rayquaza (why?! most people already have 2 Rayquazas)
  9. Pikachu (sigh)
  10. Mudkip (i herd u liek)

I suggest we all vote for Ditto instead of a legendary.

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WTF, Celebi was 6th...but that doesn´t matter, either :(
I dont have any of those...(except Magikarp and Pikachu,havent had that many games, dont have my other DS right now, and not much access to wifi events)
ALso have mudkip....
I voted for entei because i like him and couldnt decide :(