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Just giving you a heads up.

While I might not be able to block you on your profile page, I can block your IP. Same with other editors.

You may want to fix it so that it works in the same way as it does on our profile pages.

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trachy lol. But Pokemaster can make you Explode with his mind!!!
Well, this is extremely dangerous! XD
._. just ._.

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Ha, that's certainly interesting!

It actually doesn't matter because I could edit it manually in the back end (the database) which only I have access to. So if one of the mods did happen to do that I could easily revert it and ban them back :p

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Lol Pokemaster, thats what I call a Boss!
Pokemaster FTW :D
When I saw PB's comment, I thought I was the one who had said it for a minute XD
You can't ban him, only Mods can :P
Lol, the banned user said they wouldn't ban the Creator of this site. xD
Wow Pokemaster,that is so cool.It must feel good to be a boss!