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More chat rooms and users online

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When you look on the right side in the chat room it says users online. Great. But, that should be on all pages someplace (maybe the bottom?). I think you should be able to send a user a message if they are online (like a popup that fades away) to inform them that you will be on chat. Also, maybe you could make 2 columns, or 2 chat rooms. Kind of like how pictochat has rooms A, B, C, and D. It gets confusing having more than one conversation going on in one chat room.

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Really!  You are going to be the first person to vote it down without even telling me why!
I would enjoy a Serebii type chat, One for general chat, one for Wifi battles and trades.

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I don't think there is enough activity most of the time to have separate chat rooms. And it doesn't always solve the problem, on serebii's chat people just get ignored all the time.

As for "who's online" yes I plan to add this some time :)

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