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Different Chat Rooms?

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Like, a few different Chat rooms based on a topic? Like say we decided on 4 different rooms:

  • Trading
  • Battling
  • Game Help
  • Random Chit Chat

So if somebody wants to trade, they can go to the Trading Room. If somebody wants to battle, the go to the Battle Room. You get it. I think this is pretty cool.

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This has been suggested a few times before, and Pokemaster hasn't really approved it.
But we'll see if he changes his mind. ;)
I like it just how would we get to the diffrent chat rooms?
Yeah, this site gets more users and when there are many users at the chat at the same time it can be very annoying. "Everyone is talking and don't know who they are talking to" :P

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Yeah this has been asked before many times but I don't think there is really a need for it. Chat is never super busy.

When I get round to it eventually, a forum should help with that. And most game help questions should still be be asked on Pokebase.

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Ok. thanks :]