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Right now, the "Users online" box looks like it does in the image below.
I could've sworn that the number in parenthesis that showed the amount of users online was closer to the text that says "Users online". Is my memory wrong, or was something changed? If something is different, then is it just something that's happening to me, or are other people seeing this, too?

Although the below screenshot was from quite a while ago, it does show that something was changed.

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Have you looked back at old screenshots, if you have any?
I tried finding old screenshots, but the ones that I found didn't have the box in it. I'll look again, this time more closely.
Oh yeah, I noticed that too. I just assumed it was some sort of harmless layout quirk/bug.
That reminds me...wasn't Aura Warrior a moderator at some point? What's his username now?
I think it's been like that for a while now but my inactivity invalidates my judgement ;P
I first noticed the change on Saturday.

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Yes I made some minor changes a couple weeks ago. Forgotten I'd done that one actually.

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Okay. Thanks, PM!