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If nothing is miss with my phone, then I’ll think Pokemaster should update this. I don’t know how to screenshot so..... :| That’s all. SeeYaLater! It's a terror to type with a phone.

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It's located at the very bottom of the page. That's all.

Source: saw it for myself

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Yeah, I'll look at moving it to the top when I can.
Pokemaster, so I saw you added profile picture to the wall posts, just wondering if you plan to do the same thing for the online users for the chat?

Edit: Also if you don't plan to can you at least move the usernames so its aligned with the 'User's Online' text?
Yes, good idea to add avatars to chat.
What do you mean about username alignment? It looks fine to me.
Late reply, sorry. What I mean is that there's a bit of Tab space (I have no idea what its called) between and the User's online and the first letter of a username. The thing that's bothering me is that the other texts don't have this space, they're all aligned.

So its like this:

User's Online
    Name 1
    Name 2

Welcome to the chat room...

No spamming

Useful Meta Posts
How to change your username


It looked fine when there was the blue box it was in since it made it look like its own thing, but without the blue box it looks weird that it doesn't match with the other texts. Of course, this is just a nitpick at my part, I don't think anyone else has this problem.
The blue box is still there. I think you weren’t seeing the updated code. Try again now it should be fixed.
Yeah, I see it now. Thanks