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Suggestions are becoming more and more frequent (like this one) and are starting to dominate the meta. I think you should make another page specifically for suggestions. On the page, I think that their should still be voting, but not linked to points. The suggestions are complete opinions so commenting should still be allowed for defending or eliminating a suggestion. If you wanted to award points or something for good suggestions you could. The last thing is that these suggestions shouldn't count for points when you "ask" them. Although I like getting "free" points, they are still not questions.

P.S. Thanks for looking at all of these things I've been posting. Sorry for the careless mistakes earlier too.

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The Original point of the Meta was to take the site Suggestions out of the Pokebase..

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First, the one of the main functions of the meta is for people to post suggestions for this site and Pokebase. What else would it be used for otherwise?

The points on the meta are separate and don't count towards the main site.

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*sigh*  I always think I've made a break trough and then find out its already been thought of.